sign on the window

There is a sign I noticed driving into London today, a sign for a head shop – the title of the store actually. Large posters of royalty in the windows, the store is called Your Highness. I was impressed but even better was the musical billboard up the street for a warehouse that rents storage units. Large glittering Elvis Impersonator covers most of the poster and in black lettering the headline reads Elvis Has Left The Building, below in blue lettering – Move In Now. .The class today is about advertising and whether songs are popular because of infectious melodies or because of capitalism. Could it be that if you advertise anything over and over people absorb it, that it just works like that? Here is a crazy idea, imagine a political person kept talking about immigration problems when there were existential threats looming about pollution, it might have the effect of people jumping on the bandwagon and spending the election discussing immigration more than the environmental reckoning. Probably I have it wrong and Old Town Road is just so compelling it can’t help from being a hit.

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