looking for a cause or a strong cat without claws

For the next 7 weeks the students present seminars on different records focusing on the songwriting contribution of each record. Yesterday was the first one, The College Dropout by Kanye West. Awesome presentation, awesome record. Next week Court and Spark. I wonder if they know what an open tuning is on a guitar or who Cheech and Chong, Tom Scott or Robbie Robertson are, and what unique things they contribute to Court and Spark. Wonder if they know Free Man In Paris is written from David Geffen’s point of view or if they ever heard of the Geffen man, (I won’t bother telling him about my cousin Morley). I wonder if the three students presenting this slice of masterpiece will have anything to offer that I don’t already know. Wonder if I can keep my mouth shut and let them have their own space.

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