Another day another apple, carrot, ginger juice. I recommend. I found my old copy of Jackie Lomax’s Speak To Me which is an awesome piece of 60s artistry. He was an Apple artist, George produced it, all the usual suspects, Klaus Voorman on bass etc. Listened to the woman who sells coffee, tea and muffins at the Y, (for much less than Starbucks across the street) explain why church going Canadians support the Conservative Party despite the fact they have a legacy of being okay with discrimination or crushing proposals steeped in compassion. Started a song about complaint departments and how they are a distraction from the end goal which started after complaining to myself about myself, until remembering it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The in-store music at the LCBO was Fleetwood Mac, this is the 3rd time in week random encounters with Rhianna. Presses many buttons on me, none of which are admiration for this song or this band which remains exactly what I thought of it/ them the first time, a hundred years ago. At Taekwondo they yell “kiyaah” with every high kick. The Sensei, Mr. Park, looks over the collection of boys and girls from elementary school. Sometimes, the teachers stick new colours of electrical tape to their belts, signifying an incremental change of status. Almost ready to test for a new level and a new solid colour. At the end of the class my daughter didn’t get a new colour, neither did the boy she likes to play with but neither was irritable about it. So glad they move through it gracefully. I had a plan B concocted in case she was not so easy going. At home hardware I would buy the exact same electrician’s tape (favoured by Taekwondo masters everywhere) and raise her status myself, part of being an artist is knowing a thing or two about counterfeiting. Noticed when drivers cut me off, that despite my first need for revenge, that the bigger picture is an opportunity to practise not giving a shit but in my revenge fantasy I blast Jackie Lomax’s Speak To Me, then aim my roof mounted hydraulic cannon and yell Kiyaah while depressing the flashing red button. Seems fair. My daughter beat the older kid while driving Mario at the video arcade. Her technique to drive into walls, into other cars, into posts, it is painful if you know how to drive without dying or killing. Sent the finished version of a film score to the comedy director. This is the new version after he asked me to try again using whacked out piano music, my speciality. Have not yet heard back if he wants to hi five or regrets calling me in the first place. Saw Liberal party volunteers running around adding new last minute slogans to the election signs. It is warning equating a vote for them as a way to stop the Conservatives. Fear slogans not policy slogans. If only somebody was offering free dental care and pharmacare. I would like to complain but maybe nobody’s listening.

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