cold calls

when i’ve taught in toronto i could ask accomplished friends to come do Q&A with the students but not so easy now being based in London Ontario. insert light bulb. decided to ask the accomplished if they would take part in a Skype interview. already two confirmed, broken social scene and foo fighters. can’t wait to spring this on the kids plus i think we will look at how to use college radio to get your song played. thinking of giving each kid one college radio station to approach and claim they are the manager of a young artist with one good song they want to get airplay for. see what happens. go through the program guide, figure out which show(s) might play the song they are trying to place, make cold calls, don’t take no for an answer.  


  1. What in the heck are you doing in London, Ontario? Are you living here?!?


      1. Wow, great that they actually want someone with “industry experience” rather than a series of abstract letters after their name…


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