the piece from the 1600s, not

I was at AGO the other day, checking out the Rubens show with 3 kids I was babysitting. Walking through the exhibit one thinks about the 1600s and we started viewing a video about the techniques used in engravings. Suddenly a harpsichordist started to play on an actual harpsichord which I had not noticed. Then I noticed there were two harpsichords and a second keyboardist joined in. The music was very ticklish to my brain, I felt a kinship to the thinking behind the composer because there was a constant pulse to the piece. My pieces currently start and end with unending clusters and I thought to myself an early composer would think this way but not a contemporary one. How cool that I have this kind of musical thinking in common with a composer from 400 years ago. One of the other fathers I was with, walked over to read the blurb on the wall and upon returning to our group exclaimed, “It’s Owen Pallett”. I was crushed, in a nice way.

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