clyde plays bass

student sent me their song to check and it reminded me of j.j. cale’s naturally (the raccoon cover) i put it on for old times. one of those records with some sort of magic that sits you on a cloud and you can’t get back down until it’s over. how is it i never tuned into the old drum machine on half these songs? was there all along like the wallpaper and i was only looking in the foreground, at the fancy microphones. it’s like the highest accomplishment of that portastudio era some of us lived through with the excitement of a coming revolution, multi tracking for the proletariat. i saw him once, for a moment while touring with shadowy men on a shadowy planet. we played some middle of america place and after the show i noticed at the big theatre across the street he was headlining. the show was practically over, it was the second encore, the doorman left, i wandered into the theatre, enjoyed the famous lazy slide, enabler of eric clapton’s post 60s career, dressed in white. some people in real life are just as you imagined. margaret atwood, guy madden and j.j.cale’s encore “don’t go to strangers.”

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