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I had a day off one time in the 90s touring Germany, I was alone on the Reeperbahn, outside Grosse Freiheit, on the marquee: tonight Fela Kuti. I didn’t know enough about him. I didn’t go, my loss. The guy in the sauna was from Nigeria, when I realized that I told him my story. He understood what a wrong choice I made but soon told me about the music of Fela’s sons and we talked about the Ginger Baker movie. Unfortunately he did that thing so many people once they get friendly…shared conspiracy theories. One minute we’re on the same page about music the next he’s explaining Obama’s addiction to cocaine. There was a student I taught who told me Prince was murdered by his former record company. I asked how he knew and he said everyone knows like I’m a an out of touch grandpa and he feels sorry for me. My two favourite conspiracy theories are the afterlife and being up to industry standards to get airplay.

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  1. Been reading your posts for years, listening to the messages in your tunes, and it boggles the mind how unaware you are of the fact that your entire worldview is, like everyone else’s, based on your own personal faith and belief system. Despite this fact, you take every opportunity to piss on people who have faith, like somehow they are ignorant, or stupid, or sheep, and that you’re some enlightened genius that knows something nobody else does… Bob, if there was definitively no afterlife, don’t you think all the smart people with phD’s in theoretical physics would have proved it conclusively by now? They can’t disprove it’s existence, or the existence of God, Why? The realm of faith and science are mutually exclusive. Any attempt to use one to disprove the other will always fail..people believe in an afterlife/religion on faith. Your entire worldview is a personal choice that you have made, based on your personal faith (un-provable belief..) that there is no afterlife, something I would argue is in and of itself a personal decision most likely based on your own deep seated prejudices, and disdain for organized religion.


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