at the piano lesson with the 7 year old boy i just started to improvise and he just played along with me. lessons usually don’t start like that, i hope it becomes a trend. no words just start to play and he responds. how long can we be non verbal. how much is too much, how much is just right. after we did the usual test where he closes his eyes and i play a random note or interval and then he tries to find it. he got them every time – not the way it was a year ago. now his ear is understanding the problem. next try to make it appealing to play hands together. the struggle is just getting passed the first times. basing it around keeping a pulse in his left hand while trying to do ‘we will rock you’ in his right. queen was his choice, i would even stoop so low as to play ‘goodbye yellow brick road’ if that’s what gets the kid to incentivized. had a talk with don kerr at the Y about when one first gets into it. he said he was 13. we had a band in the basement of danny row’s house at 13. jim clark, john deamel, danny and me. 3 electric guitars and drums, made sense to us. many many replays of johnny b. goode. true a lot of great players didn’t start when they were 5 or 6. some did but many started after 10. what I like about kids is trying to figure out how much is too much and how much is just right. the same part of my brain that’s tapped when interacting with a customs agent.

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