train music

school bus didn’t show up this morning, i have car, took all the waiting kids to school, just enough room. they wanted the radio on. I turned on classical station. they groaned. i said it was the only station working. they said it wasn’t music. how do you know i asked. because there’s no drums said the oldest boy, 10 years old. but this is music said the littlest girl, 4 and a half. you don’t know what music is said her brother. i piped up, she’s right this is music and just then we had to stop for a train crossing. the oldest boy said the music works with the train. the rest agreed. i said to the boy a moment ago you said this wasn’t music because there were no drums. yeah but now there’s a train, this is train music, trains don’t need drums, everybody knows that. how come other musicians in my life never filled me in on these important details.

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