the performer

People perform songs in class, develop experience playing in front of others. There is something in this I endorse because it develops one further. We could theorize about it, but the simple truth is that certain realizations happen that can’t happen when you are doing it in a room alone. Maybe, it’s like when you assemble the ingredients, even cook the food but once people come eat together, your experience changes. They might like it, might not, might have other suggestions. In the long run your experience will be wider for sharing it with others. Someone performed a song the other day. She seemed nervous, couldn’t look ahead at the audience, eye lids fluttering or else looking only at the ceiling. Some pitchiness and forgotten words. No big deal any of it, but it is our tradition to take questions and give feedback afterward. One student asked about the pitchiness and she changed the subject. Another asked if she was nervous and she replied absolutely not while briskly walking away as if to end any further questions. I asked if she has much experience performing, she said yes, all the time. I found her responses hard to believe but my job is trying to open doors not force them ajar.

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