roll on john

Three weeks ago we screened the film Alive Inside for the songwriting class. It’s about dementia seemingly interrupted by listening to music. Hoping to remind the students, even though schools of music tend to instil messaging that a degree gets you a job, the message I prefer telling them is they have a superpower, music and illness. I like when people try to make issue driven songs, especially if they bring a sense of poetry to it instead of a lecture. When Magali and I toured with Scott Thompson he raved about Battlestar Galactica, eventually we watched it. Surprised to come upon a scene with an actor who looked like John Mann, eventually I realized it was John Mann, didn’t know he was also an actor. We played some same places in the 80s but never got to know each other well. In 2010, I played small houses when I toured my play Actionable about lawsuits and songwriting. Nice surprise to look up and see him in the front row when I played Vancouver. Later that night had our longest conversation. Him asking about the Salvador Allende song, me about the Battlestar Galactica set. Seemed to me, watching him perform a few times over 30 years, that he knew all about being connected to a superpower.

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