same self

When I was young I thought people older than me probably were much different but over and over it seems reality is that the kid you started out as, remains intact, just an older body is all, not a different self. I was teaching at a university. All those teachers I had, once upon a time, I remember what I thought of them, but now, even in this position, I’m still as I was. Probably means everyone else is too. Someone is faking it, either the teacher believing they are wiser than the student or the student believing because of age that the teacher is wiser. The virtuoso, the cop, the judge, the doctor, the head of the company, the bouncer, the barber, the ticket collector, the reality tv show winner, the model, the taxi driver, the surgeon and the black belt instructor. They might be 45, 55, 65, 75 or 85 but they’re just whoever they were at 15.

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