oh canada

a few years ago, magali tried to teach me how to speak french. she would start with avoir and etre, i usually ran out of patience as soon as i couldn’t follow the conjugations. i felt like it was wanting me to do too much at once, we would end up arguing, i never advanced much. i didn’t get it..In the sauna at the Y, overheard an exchange about meditation. red haired guy told curly haired guy there was a right way and a wrong way to meditate, and he added curly had been doing it all wrong. curly said there is no right way. it’s about tuning into mind, slowing down even stopping thoughts. red said no no no. you have to sit this way and breath that way plus stare at a candle. Curly walked out of the room, somebody’s chakras were unaligned..the other day, a boy i’m teaching asked me to show him the national anthem. he said his friend knows how to play it. he wants to surprise his friend and show him he can play it too. said I could show him how plus we’ll even learn do it with his eyes closed and/or in more than one key – let’s see your friend do that. he was excited and quick, too quick. doing it all with only his index finger. tried to show him the value of utilizing other fingers but he has no reason to care. my explanation about why to try it this other way meant nothing to him, i’m just slowing him down unnecessarily – just show me the notes, is what he’s thinking.

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