bird songs

\often the logic in interviews with noam chomsky or cornell west fascinate me. there was one with dr. west in which he said his community often votes against their best interests. sounded familiar. all over the planet people vote against their best interests. the earth is polluted and species extinction is not unusual news and 3 years ago trump was elected and put people from oil and gas in charge of environmental protection, put an enemy of public education in charge of public education. it’s all about people voting against their interests. a community that voted for the public good is what would be unique. inside each and everyone’s skull there is voting against their best interest. trying to get off their drug or alcohol problem, their laziness problem, their over eating problem, their prejudice problem, their anger management problem – it’s perpetuated by us ourselves, we all vote against our best interests constantly. the many who don’t learn the chart before the gig, who pay for lessons and hardly practice…since there is an abundance of all of this, does it mean it is natural for humankind to strive towards disappointment like how a bird hiding from a predator keeps singing songs.

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