playing the odds about the no brake situation

We are positioned with consciousness like people in a car who have their hands on the steering column. thoughts present themselves endlessly like the gas pedal is depressed. Some believe they are thinking the thoughts, but the truth is we are at best handling the steering column and there is no brake pedal. Despite many drivers bragging about how good they drive, this is far from a good explanation of being in charge – so why can’t it break? I’m suppose to come up with a question in applying to do a PhD. This area is what interests me the most about life and consciousness, not sure how to float it as a question. They will want further details about who said what when. I don’t know, don’t care, more interesting to me that we find ourselves in this pickle and always have. Maybe the question is looking at the fact most people think handling the steering column is sufficient and there is no problem. If I relate these things to music I have a better chance of being accepted as a candidate.

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