room to move

applying to do more university training and i find myself trying to quote foucault and a whack of other people i read these last two years. the system works in a certain way. i have to refer to what other people have said, who said it in an accepted academic manner and regardless of what i think or what i might have come up with on my own, it isn’t as valuable as something someone else said, or to put it another way, if i make reference to what someone else said, who is associated with proven academic pathways, then it is legitimate to include ideas i might have as well.

the disappointing part is obvious. the applicant is positioned to lie if they have their own ideas which they do not trace to published academics. have to lie and present whatever actually interests them as if it originally stems from some published person, in the world of accepted academic speak. seems to me it suggests it is an impossibility for people to have their own ideas. glenn gould, janis joplin, apex twin, little richard, laurie anderson, keith jarrett, meredith monk, gil-scott heron. none of them self started any original ideas? maybe i’m missing the point or maybe the system doesn’t want to make more room.

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