brains & butts

Turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, maple syrup, oat milk hot drink, again. I make a decent anti-inflammatory concoction. Daughter laughs from the other room at a video, turns out someone’s butt is filling the screen. Something about turning seven, rear anatomy is all the rage. Brains, I hope, will be all the rage at a later time. Here in Winnipeg for NYE. I believe in the god of mute buttons as we viewed the countdown on television between different channels and interrupted by many annoying commercials. Advertising this or that means, on some level, to think the soundbites they serve up. Like when a grocery store lists prices as lowest price, best price, special price – the mind has to say it to itself, “best price”. All those people talking about subliminal advertising in alcohol ads, the word sex masquerading in an ice cube, whether true or not this technique where you repeat the slogan to yourself, that’s it in a nutshell. there is something about how unnecessary advertisements are and yet how omni present they are that is reminiscent of one’s brain in action. Try to think on one thing, move in one direction but lo a zillion unnecessary inner distractions turn you around and upside down and you might realize later in the day that you have totally forgotten what you imagined to be your mission at the start of the day. The brain is like a band where everyone’s fighting about whose in charge, who started it, who got the van, who found the recording deal, who says the fans like them most? So many voices and whoever has the microphone seems in charge. It is madness to have a brain. Maybe laughing at butts is more understandable choice.

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