beyond meat burger

student wanted to explain how positive the music industry is to me, how it makes jobs for a variety of people and how you can climb the ladder with a good attitude and a good work ethic. I asked where they heard this and they said from nowhere, they just know that’s how it works because of artists they admire. like who? ariana grande, billie eilish, tones and I. .i noticed a lot of advertising for the beyond meat burger at A&W. a whole makeover, i went and tried one, while waiting there are videos playing on screens all about the indigenous people they are helping support with their coffee production, all about the farms where they raise animals ethically and the source of onions for onion rings which also is harvested oh so sensitively. The veggie burger came, is was nothing special. I asked the teenage cashier if working here pays more than minimum wage. no she said. benefits? no.

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