the fabulous overtone

Been wanting to curate some artworks at the Tranzac for a long time, we could do better. So I drove to Windsor, there was not too much snow but enough to make three car crashes turn a four hour drive into six and a half but worth it to collect the paintings of Ray Baillageon. The next art show at the Tranzac (Jan – Feb). My brother Ronnie, who I owe all the piano-ness to, was in a band with Ray when I first moved to Toronto: The Fabulous Overtones. Have always admired him as a musician and painter but turns out he is even more talented; makes tomato sauce and speaks Mandarin. It will be a good show to see featuring still lives, portraits, the Black Donnellys, Rosa Parks, guys-living-in-hotel-rooms, people-walking-in-Windsor and other stuff. I had a porta-studio back in the day. It was VERY exciting to have one. I recorded Ray. I hope to find it in my mess but sitting with him today realized I remember those songs. Life is short, good to be around good art.

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