musical mind

viewing a tutorial about lydian modes. guy talked about hollywood composers inclination to utilize this, then played an excerpt of beethoven doing it. next he says beethoven is using the thomas newman trick, as if beethoven owes thomas newman a thank you. i loved stanley kubrick’s eyes wide shut. remember being at the bloor when it was just released and noticing forty minutes had passed, realized i had no idea what this film was about yet couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. not to mention the most amazing thing: the score. piano octaves playing just two notes in the upper and lower register of the piano. he had the budget for an orchestra or hollywood composer but it sounded like an art student. perfectly frightening. jocelyn pook was the composer, never heard of her before that. i guess you can tell people how awesome it is to use the lydian mode but even more awesome is how a great musical mind can deliver even if you restrict it to just a pot lid and a didgeridoo.

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