ayn rand

different men in the sauna today talking about neil peart. loud guy says he was the best. skinny says they never liked rush but agree they are great musicians. tattoo guy says you have to admit you can’t imitate them. skinny says yes you can, they were very mathematical, albert ayler would be hard to imitate. is that a jazz guy? oh ok yeah jazz would be harder to imitate. beard guy to loudest guy, you know ayn rand? nods his head negative. is she a musician? nope. she’s dead, she was a writer who celebrated selfishness, unapologetically proud to dismiss the less well off and pat oneself on the back about personal wealth. all about self interest and dismissal of the poor. cited often by republicans and stephen harper’s lovers. what about her he asks? her writing was what inspired neil peart lyrically, that’s what he was into. skinny chimes in, i could never listen to geddy lee’s voice (he imitates) someone laughs. loud guy, i never listen to lyrics, half the time they ruin the song. you sure he was into her ideas? just google answers beard guy. guy in hawaiian bathing suit, she was a jew from russia. her family was wiped out from the russian revolution that’s why she had a hate on for socialism. loud guy you have to admit he had all those drums around him that’s pretty amazing. skinny says that’s not amazing that’s like trump needing to make a gold tower, doesn’t mean he knows about building or architecture. it maybe he’s just over compensating because he’s insecure. tony williams now that’s amazing says beard. he a jazz guy? yeah says hawaiian bathing suit. loud guy how do you know stephen harper had lovers? just a joke i meant people who identified with ayn rand, like neil peart, also identified with harper. loud guy, do you think harper is upset neil peart died? he never struck me as having that range of emotion.

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