the acting dilemma

I hear kids pleading to their parents “is that really true?” “Tell me honestly!” There are so many lies. Driving in a big city, people con each other all the time. Often make moves that cut off the driver behind them, and then wave “thank you”. Is that not rewriting the history of what happened three seconds ago? Talk about gas lighting. Lots of popular music reminds me of that; imitating states of vulnerability, mixing inhalations loudly, choking over emotion, proving they too are this deep and vulnerable. Tell me honestly! Is that really true? In the first class of 25 nineteen yr olds, after a week or two of them sharing who they thought was a great artist or who they were into, someone raised their hand and asked what music I was into the most. Not a hard question, “I just want to be blown away”. Could be elevator music, hip hop, classical, could even be Royal Wood. Some stuff just sounds like a con and others sound like they can’t help their authenticity.
I get the kids dilemma, one person’s lie is someone else’s truth and vice versa. My favourite actors are because they lie so well I believe them.

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