love at first cluster

Just finished a film where I was asked to play piano the way I like to play piano. This only happened once before, for a cartoon, but this time it’s real people. Very unusual to have this kind freedom, to marry freely improvised pianistic ideas with images. Love at first cluster. No audio other than the score so the music is like another character, significant as the actors. My way of navigating the many rejections in life is always assume it’s coming, even when the director specifically asked for this score, I thought inside, “yeah right, he’ll reject it once it’s done” but no. This is like Monsanto, General Mills and Quaker Oats having to remove Glyphosate and pay billions of dollars to consumers and hospitals, like Bernie Sanders winning without the backstabbing forces of the most corrupt and wealthy, this is like finding out Joni Mitchell made another record in the mid 70s on an island in Greece when going out with Cary and his cane and Leonard Cohen did some background vocals and Tom Scott, Herbie Hancock and The Band worked on it too and then somebody yesterday noticed the tapes in a closet that she forgot about. This is something to savour.

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