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Dear Steve,
Thanks for writing me and letting me know you discovered my music on Bandcamp and would consider adding me to your radio network, music publishing catalogue and artist promotion roster and all I need to do is audition. I can’t believe my good fortune, though I’m a wee bit confused that you are an A&R person. Doesn’t that mean you listen to works and discover people? Doesn’t it mean you have concluded there is something about my music that appeals to your sense of what might be worth investing or developing? Let me know if I’m misunderstanding, because when you indicate that in order for this process to proceed, I must audition …it almost sounds like you aren’t an A&R person, but a cog in a wheel, fishing the internet for insecure musical hopefuls, agreeable to pay an audition fee. I appreciate your encouragement to get in touch, so I’m writing you back now instead of slowing us down with an audition but one question, there is no fee for the audition right?
thanks, bob
Good day Bob Wiseman,
Your music was recommended on Bandcamp, and hope it’s alright to contact you here.
I’m an A&R representative at Music Discovery XO, an artist relations company representing independent musicians and labels around the world. We are looking for new music for our radio network, music licensing catalog and artist promotion roster, and I’d like to invite you to audition.
Subject to a successful audition, Music Discovery XO will get your music heard by entertainment industry professionals and fans around the world, and help facilitate music licensing and distribution deals, live events and touring opportunities, record label and music publisher deals, and other career opportunities. You will receive a detailed agreement once your audition has been successful.
Please do get in touch, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. In the meantime, you can also find out about the audition and obtain an audition ticket at

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