the carver

It seems like you are in charge when you write music but I’m not sure because G, Eb and A already existed before you claimed your way of playing them was special. Plus, the mind has no idea how the fingers are doing that thing they are doing. People will say muscle memory, but it’s just one more thing mind believes it controls or did or is responsible for but sometimes that seems like a smokescreen. I bet both Segovia and Satriani are not as impressed with themselves as are their listeners. Mind is in the unelected position of being in charge even though the rest of the brain is actually running everything, including the mind; including the mind believing it is in charge. If the mind was really in charge then why does it hope or wish to change itself? Why does it judge itself from so many angles about how it wishes it was, compared to how it actually is. Which self help books are topping the charts this week? Maybe it is a sculptural thing making music. Heard about a person who said when they sculpt a tree, for instance, they just carve away everything that isn’t a tree.

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