the orbit life

There is a guy I’ve worked with over a year, who makes more headway than most because he does the work and he gets off on the experience of his skills expanding. It’s sort of obvious. You can’t do the work for someone, you can only show and explain, position them to proceed and hopefully inspire them to keep at it. It is like a strong pull exists, inside most of us, to turn away from the work of doing the work. I wonder if like the way the Earth, Sun and Moon have a relationship based on an orbit, a perpetual motion machine, if that’s what’s going on in the mind? If it’s just so much easier to remain in orbit of the same thoughts which lead us back to the same starting point, in the same race, finishing the same way. Then, try again for a different outcome, which is of course, the same thought before one decides to start the race again, over and over.

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