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Between 2006 and 2018, their advertising revenue fell by 80 percent and daily print circulation fell by 58.6 percent. McClatchy has been family owned for 163 years. It has 30 newsrooms in 14 states. Took generations to build and scarcely a decade to eviscerate. Fifteen years ago, a $2.7B media fortune. Back then, shares of their company traded above $700. Last week, they traded below a dollar. Sinatra and his rat pack, didn’t understand what the fuck was going on with Elvis then the Beatles, poof their power weaker and weaker. Many of the rockers of recent decades, made faces of disgust about hip hop, good luck to them staying relevant. What do you mean I can’t smoke in this bar? What’s a Kodak camera? My cousin, in his 90s, just before we said goodbye, “Bob, beware of the random event”. That’s wisdom.

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