call response

Guy in the sauna knows I’m a musician and confides in me, “I want to write a song about my problems.”

“Good luck with that.”

“I am a man who weighs too much, who eats too much, who, when trying to control myself, fail miserably – that’s what I want to sing about.”

“You might have a hit on your hands.”

“I think so too. It’s a blues song,” he says.

“Guess so.. or maybe call and response.”

“How is that?”

“You say something and then other voices reply, then you sing the next line and again the other voices respond.”

“Does Justin Beiber ever do that?”

“I don’t know, but the Beatles do it in With A Little Help From My Friends or the Doors do it with My Wild Love.”

“They’re too old. I need modern, it’s a contemporary problem.”

“What makes you want to write about your problems?”

“My shrink said it would help me get my shit together.”

“Probably true.”

“You can make a lot of money with a hit, yeah?”

“In theory but mostly everyone is broke and below the poverty line. A few people are very wealthy but most musicians don’t live off of being a musician.”

“You regret it?”

“It helps me keep my shit together.”

“Is that your secret?”

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