another day, another lesson

student: when i hear music i think i’m hearing god.
teacher: but how would you know what god sounds like? did you meet god before?
student: i just think that’s his sound.
teacher: his?
student: i think he’s a he.
teacher: the thing that invented everything, that is the source of everything? you think that thing would be like a person and be male or female?
student: and sound like great music, yes i do.
teacher: they could also sound like horrible music, no?
student: why?
teacher: why not?
student: ok i guess so, maybe they could be both sexes simultaneously.
teacher: yeah, maybe it could be that snowflake or that cloud. nobody knows.
student: but how can you feel secure about anything if nobody knows?
teacher: exactly. and yet look how secure everyone seems to be, even though nobody knows why they’re here or what’s going on?
student: stop it. i don’t want to go down this road.
teacher: no problem. where were we?
student: i was asking you if you could teach me how to play Crocodile Rock and then i told you when i hear music i hear god.

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