my bonnie

at music school in the early 80s laura smith didn’t fit in and she knew it was odd because she was a musician, connected to music in a way that made others look like imposters. she was trying to figure out how to get to that place where it might all make sense, and make a living in the world as the artist she was. i have a snapshot somewhere in my picture albums, of her sitting in the kitchen of the house on major street with gary and me, a glass of wine and a smoke, she called me bobby. a lot of people i knew in music school i never heard of again. a few years later she moved to cape breton, i think she also fell in love with someone. for a while it looked like she got her wish. recording artist, touring, future plans. was very nice the few times we met again, comparing notes about where we used to be and where we were now. i’m from a family of boys but she was one of those people that made me feel like i had a sister.

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