endless games

The art show comes down next week but in light of the virus perhaps we suspend the next show until after the zombie apocalypse, which reminds me I loved Shawn of the Dead. Was approached one time to score a horror movie but the director lost interest in working with me after revealing my other ideas for horror music different than the famous “done before” examples he supplied me with. Sometimes it is the kiss of death to say you have a different view than the boss. The endless game of who is in charge and who gets their way. there was an amazing horror-type film (or is suspense is a better word) in the 70s with Alan Bates called The Shout. One of the main characters was a guy (John Hurt) who acquired sound effects and was busy recording things like bees under glass jars. Alan Bates character was a man who learned one aspect of shamanism in Australia which was a shout so loud it could kill anything within a kilometre radius, something like that as I recollect. Heard about an ancient teacher who thought the most frightening thing in life was believing you know what’s going on.

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  1. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say but wish your blog had a “Like” box to check, because I particularly enjoyed this entry. -Kate


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