Soloing in concert is sort of like looking both ways before you cross the street, like playing with the idea that one mistake could be fatal, like it is about keeping your attention present for the whole duration. Almost hit by a car while out for a walk this evening. Crossing the street in a residential area, middle of the intersection when a car approached but I didn’t think twice because they had a stop sign. But the driver didn’t come to a full stop and didn’t bother to look both ways. I only realized this when she almost hit me, like 2 feet away from plowing into me. I could see she was oblivious and looking not in my direction coming from her left but consumed with how quickly she could continue moving to her right, post stop sign. Have been in the reverse position too, driving a car and realized I could have almost hit someone walking or on a bike and it would be my fault for not looking a little harder or thinking a little more sideways about every possibility. My daughter started riding her bike without training wheels yesterday. I helped her and practised more today in a back lane but eventually she rode into an intersection but at one point she didn’t first look for traffic. Had to seriously relay to her that if a person makes a mistake like that, they can’t necessarily start over.

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