elliot n.

I told Elliot, the tape didn’t do it for me. He was hurt but he also liked the fact I was telling him what I thought, he was already used to people being nice at all costs while lying to his face. So very frustrating when you want a straight answer, a real opinion, just a smidge of objectivity but get only misdirection like navigating corporate answering machines and their long messages with frequent insertions of slogans complimenting themselves and the company while muzac supposedly makes your situation more pleasant and never getting a straight answer for all the effort. I reassured him that my opinion doesn’t mean anything, there are ten trillion opinions about everything everywhere every moment of the day – it’s just music. I love songs that sound like a drowning person needing a life preserver. The songwriting that disinterests me sounds like people imitating people who are splashing their arms and screaming for help. Give me believable urgency or don’t give me nothing at all. I’m sorry Elliot but that’s what went through my mind. This was the 80s and his demo was like Corey Hart or Bryan Adams. If I had been friends with Bryan or Corey, I would have told them they were horrible too and that it’s just my opinion, don’t worry it doesn’t mean you won’t become multi millionaires and put out racist tweets about bats and Asians. It only means if you’re seriously asking me I’ll tell you what I seriously hear.

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