violet in the valiant

In 2014, I did a tour through the Home Routes Agency based out of Winnipeg who have developed networks of house concerts through a few provinces but especially Manitoba. Being originally from Winnipeg, it was amazing to play Dominion City, Steinbach, Carmen, Boissevain and other places that were otherwise blips to me. There were a few eccentrics. When being a touring musician is already weird, who doesn’t love to have the company of more weird? A woman named Violet who drove a Valient, asked me after one show if she could send me her music and I gave her the address. When I got home and the music arrived it surprised me every song was about furniture. A couch, a chair, a bed, a mirror, a nightstand. I didn’t get it at first, it was Hughie that worked as the caretaker at the Tranzac who heard the recording playing through the door of my studio that said to me later how cool it was that every song was an allegory and I started to pay a different attention to Violet’s CD. The song about the couch was about things that happened on it, people who flirted, who rested, who died and who made love. The chair was about who used to sit in it that no longer did. The bed was about a couple in love, the mirror about a break up and I can’t recall what the night stand song was about. I’ve since lost the CD or purged myself of it in one of many CD purges I do time to time yet I still have some full boxes of them as well as cassettes and records. I’m not sure I’ll ever get rid of my collected mess but I do wish I would. I looked if Violet was online but couldn’t find a trace.


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