could wagner be al stewart

I wish Wagner wrote The Year of The Cat or The Lady In Red, but truth is, musically he wrote some unique awesome pieces. He was also a big Jew hater and one of those things, (guess) was part of the high estimation bestowed upon him by The Third Reich. The real winners from Trump might be Germans. My roommate eons ago was a German woman who worked as a nanny in Toronto. She was a great person, Annette (pronounced annette-uh) and one time she told me throughout Europe Germans are hated. She meant that this is the legacy of WW2, that she, born 20 years after it ended, grows up knowing that no matter who she is, what she does, there is a subtle or hostile prejudice she encounters, as do her contemporaries. It’s just that way, they live with it and move on. That isn’t unfamiliar to people of many other backgrounds, being discriminated against over skin colour, gender, religion but it struck me as interesting, she indicated whole generations grow up like her with this observation about their positionally. I bet for them, viewing the ascent of Trump and his pride about pardoning criminals, rewarding criminals and encouraging criminals, helps those Germans when they want the rest of the world to know Hitler wasn’t a German thing but a human being thing that can happen anywhere, anytime.

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