the assumptions

One student is a hip hop producer, I like his work because I can’t figure out the order of things he does when he composes his pieces. The more I ask the more it turns out he’s just being intuitive and this makes me think which parts of myself would need to be redirected in order to try making anything similar to this. Another student sung a song he wrote but wore headphones and didn’t realize only he heard the tracks he was singing with. We heard it acapella. He figured it out after he finished and was embarrassed though everyone was charmed by the novelty. All of us wondered if being solo was intentional. Was just more interesting to later know there was no such plan. I pitched another radio idea to CBC and they like it. There’s something fishy to not being rejected as usual. The trailer to Zana Briski’s film Reverence, is powerful. Usually, we don’t see insects this way, blown up as large as apes or bears. Some people think the sequence of evolutionary intelligence is plant – insect – animal – human but her film makes you think there’s holes in that assumption.

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