the plot line

heard margaret atwood on cbc last night discussing her new book of poetry. at one point she asked the interviewer how old he was, 32 he answered. she said when you are as old as she is (80) you already know the plot but when you are as young as you, you don’t know yet what you will do with your time, what your story will be. i loved that and that she would position understanding things from the view of a writer, obviously. one can do that with whatever they make their main subject, with music, pizza making or deep sea diving. whatever is your area of expertise is pivotable to understanding life’s the bigger pictures. he asked her about playing the bohemian embassy sixty years ago. i’ve heard it all before yet still nice to hear that very accomplished people started off on stages, reading poetry or playing music amidst random audible toilets flushing or explosions from espresso machines.

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