oh the shark has pretty teeth dear

This afternoon, just before all that rain came down in High Park, two older women passed me and I heard them say something about Fellini and Truffaut and I wanted to be their friend and join the conversation because I also like those filmmakers. Three ducks with the emerald green velvet neck and heads stared me down and when I slowed my movement and turned in their direction. They warn-quacked the flock who returned my gaze judgementally. I bet the Fellini Truffault ladies would have given me the same look if I attempted to join their conversation. The forest smell was better, meaning much stronger than usual. It surprises me like an apple pie baked when I was out of the kitchen, then takes over every thought. This forest smells so good I must try a piece of it. Now there is a cool recording on Spotify by a Montreal pianist of various film selections by Georges Delerue. There’s even a Youtube segment I saw last year of his daughter playing the theme to the King of Hearts. He scored Truffault’s Jules et Jim and it’s awesome. Everyone knows who scored Fellini but they might not know he made Orchestra Rehearsal in memory of the great Nino Rota. In this week’s class students are looking at moments of alleged musical theft, questioning the lawsuits of Stairway to Heaven and Taurus, My Sweet Lord and He’s So Fine, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ and Soul Makossa. If there was time and interest I would have added Mack The Knife and La Dolce Vita not because it’s a rip off but because Fellini intentionally asked Nino Rota to imitate it and he did without infringing on the copyright. It’s a magic trick. It’s like moving your hand over the head one of those ducks without any squawking. Great example of how to not be noticed while stealing and then is it or isn’t it?

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