I was in the car with my father driving in winter. It was nighttime we were on Wellington Crescent and turned left on Dorchetster when Psycho Killer came over the radio waves. It was introduced by the on air person as a example of punk new wave and my first impressions were this is very stupid. I felt embarrassed for them because it was so musically pointless. Later, in 1979 listening for the first time to Fear Of Music, I was blinded by how bright its musical and lyrical lights were. Transported me and never came back, am still pleased. I had to go back to ’77 and More Songs About Buildings and Food and realized they too were masterworks. Usually people don’t care about what you are all worked up about, but I broke down and explained to a certain student I like, how powerful those first three Talking Heads records are. They’re on in the background right now as I’m writing. More than a generation later, still can’t believe how easy it is to travel this way. They might not do anything for him. It might be that it has to do with a time and a place that isn’t repeatable but I’m wondering if certain musical experiences might be universal. I’m conducting research. I’ll report back later.


  1. When I discovered Roxy Music, I suddenly, realized what all those poor Pearl Jam fans were ranting about when Creed first started getting played on the radio…


  2. Laurie Andersen… – absolutely everything & anything

    Her song, “Life is a Virus,” VERY apropos for today’s mouth covering phenomena!


  3. Hey! Oops- LANGUAGE is a Virus not “LIFE” is a virus…

    See how easy it is to spread misinformational warped message germs?

    “Language is a virus from outer space”- William Burroughs


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