letter from bear river, nova scotia

Dear Bob, Thank you for your beautiful book, which I really enjoyed. First off let me say I am very impressed with whoever designed the cover and back cover, beautiful. I have never heard of ECW but the book as a physical object is a thing of beauty. Also, I may be wrong but I wonder if that is the keyboard I glued back together for you on the cover? In which case I can put making the cover of your book in my press kit.

While I’m at it I did find one typo, in case of a second edition. In the last line of page 278 I think you mean ‘taut’ and not ‘taught’.And thank you for the story ‘cat power’. It is a rare cat who figures out how to back down from a tree and I love to hear about one. I also especially enjoyed the story called ‘murder’ for its lateral curves. Also, by the way, King of Hearts is one of my favourite movies.

So congrats on the book. Here’s hoping for a second edition.

So, o.k., the real reason I flew through your book so fast is I was hoping to run across myself at any moment, to no avail as things turned out. Jian Ghomeshi 3, Old Bob 0, that’s how it goes sometimes. I blame myself. I should have been more amusing. If I had any criticism at all to make it would be using big words that nobody’d ever heard of like ‘glissando’ and ‘arpeggio’.

Love to the family, Bob Snider

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