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Last year I heard a singer at an open stage explain the next song was about a life or death encounter he had climbing a mountain in Nepal, although he was an experienced climber he lost his footing, fell down a rockside and broke his leg in two places, then found himself at the mercy of others who rescued him. I wondered what he would sing in the verses, how he would position the story into lyrical ideas if he would be poetic or literal but it turned out to be an instrumental piece of music. Later, sitting around with other songwriters, I liked best the moment when someone told him they understood exactly what he went through by the way he strummed G minor to Eflat major. Sort of similar experience yesterday returning to studies when a member of my class told us about a teacher some years ago, who for reasons she didn’t understand held a vendetta against her. She said he probably was racist because she wore an outward religious symbol and he gave her the lowest mark in the class. We were concerned about the story and the toxic teacher. English isn’t her first language, it’s possible some of the nuance of the details were missed in the retelling. Later, we asked questions, mine was what was the low mark he gave you specifically? B minus she answered.

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