soy pick

ran into a friend who is also doing a phd, he has many similar experiences on being an older student and whats peculiar about fellow students or teachers who embrace the academic world. one thing I like about ageing is how long it takes to get something right. made soy yogurt and soy milk, looking now for a soy guitar and a soy pick. wrote a song yesterday about bad news, about how it completes a cycle that is endless, through the computer news or the paper/ radio news or the announcements of internal disappointment. It isn’t a new observation but it’s fun to sing about all the same. a new course I started this week on devised theatre and the teacher, judith thompson, referenced examples of others who are established, many of whom I looked up this evening like theatre ex machina, anna devour smith, theatre complicite. wish someone pointed me towards these materials a few years ago when I asked theatre friends how theatre creates what it creates, but then I wouldn’t have something to complain about and then I wouldn’t feel so good about this new song about people perpetuating the acquisition of bad news.

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