to be not or not to be

My favourite space in the world is between waking up and remembering whether what I dreamt is true or not because until I get there, reality is absolutely not what it is after reaching it. My father died twenty years ago but he was in my dream last night, so very sweet and ordinary to hang with him but the truth is everything is an illusion not just the dream but this very life we busily take to be us is exactly the same, we really aren’t here, just wired up/ encouraged to believe we are. When you make music it absolutely seems real and not just sounds generated from touching the instrument. It is really absolutely an illusion. Maybe an awesome illusion, maybe a flower just bloomed, maybe a bird landed on your boot, but in the longer line of time, everything that was and everything that will be, you’re just a momentary blip of a blip of a fraction of a minuscule nano second of a thing.

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