In Winnipeg I once crossed the Donald street bridge from underneath. Late one night walked across the frozen Red River, all by myself. Nobody knew I would do this, including me. Spontaneous and probably influenced by things smokeable. I think this was super dumb and dangerous but also mind blowing. The other day walking through High Park passed a few people skating on the frozen Grenadier Pond, a few others walking across the frozen water. My first thought was it might crack, they might die, would they survive this and how dumb to risk your life. My next thoughts were about statistics, there were at least 35 people at various parts of the Pond. I weighed the possibilities and before I knew it lowered myself down the edge, surprise again. In-between ice cracking fantasies and how my obituary will start off “Today he’ll be remembered as Bob Dumbman…”, I noticed two people on the ice with a stroller. All of us adults have decided this is cool but you guys – the baby had no choice! Anyway, we all lived. I’m working on three songs at once this week and the melodies keep appearing when I don’t expect it which is a good sign because it’s followed by wondering what is that song, only to realize it’s something I started. There’s a feeling sometimes captured in writing a song that’s similar to being on the frozen lake and the possibility you will be ruined because of doing this thing that you started and didn’t have to but can’t help it.

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