At the pedagogy workshop the guest speaker changed the spelling of her name so we could view it phonetically. Soo-Zan-Uh. She encouraged everyone else to rewrite their name. The teacher Madelaine, said maybe she should have thought about doing that too but oh well, doesn’t matter now. We proceeded with the discussion about teaching methods in the classroom and then I noticed Susannah pronounced Madelaine as though the second half rhymed with pain. I was used to her saying it as if it rhymed with Lynn so I asked and Madelaine said it should be like Lynn but people say it both ways and it doesn’t bother her. Suzannah chimed in and added now do you see why you should do it like I do? I wonder how far that goes? Should we remove F# from the piano because it’s so much harder than playing in C, stop letting guitars have that third between G and B and get rid of words with silent Ps like psychology, phenomena and physiotherapy or heavens to murgatroyd, could it do the brain good to deal with ongoing complexity. Thanx Soo, bawb.

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