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There’s a BBC show called Desert Island Discs, they’re archived from as far back as the 50s, now it’s a podcast and a very amazing collection of people from all walks of life, what music they would take if trapped on an island. In a recent post by Bob Lefsetz he said when people talk about desert islands, it’s never what film would you take, it’s what music. I have no idea how people make lists like that. Reminds me when in interviews people ask what I’m listening to nowadays which feels weird because things that blew me away at different times of life, retain that power. Leonard’s Tower of Song or Earth Wind and Fire’s Serpentine Fire or Lena Lovich’s Lucky Number never became less interesting over time and yet when I’m asked that question it feels less about what continually blows me away and more about how much do you know about what’s current? I haven’t felt like I understood what’s current since forever. Maybe a better way would be citing whoever I’m producing since they blow me away, that’s why we’re in the studio. Then I wonder about the most detested music for the island because hearing what one hates might be the best impetus for achieving the necessary energy behind escaping.

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