telling the truth

A student wrote me to complain about another student who they thought was a threat to the class vibe and should be addressed. The student they complained about, presented a song called Lies We Embrace and explained it is incredible how people are amazed by the way Trump’s lies have played out into people believing the Republican claims about voter fraud and the meaning behind them storming the capitol. Incredible, he added as was Stalin’s state accusing anyone of being a counter revolutionary and being carried off to the gulag for expressing any criticism when things actually failed and deserved criticism. The most incredible part according to him, is that these same externally happening dynamics are also happening inside us, we lie to ourselves and believe our own lies, constantly. I wrote back to the complaining student and pointed out both of them just had different opinions about how the mind works, it isn’t a threat to the class as far as I can tell, it’s just singing about ideas. My sense is the student who complained thinks I’m lying to myself if I am not also upset about the student who wrote the song and I have to wonder who’s lying to who or put another way who’s believing what and why?

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