hobomok, the scarlet letter and tarzan

I like that Tower of Babel story, people unite to try to create something fantastic but then through language they no longer understand each other and the project ends in chaos. Hardly anyone anywhere understands the same person. I thought being a PhD student might provide one with a salary to afford living expenses but it doesn’t. Be that as it may, there are dental and vision benefits, etc. and it isn’t anything to sneeze at when you have a family but it is contingent on sometimes being a teaching assistant. I’m marking papers for a 19th century English class and it is a strange experience because my interpretation of the papers is more forgiving than the professor, like being in a band and you are not the leader and you hear the music differently but they are in charge. Do you fight or do you enable? Do you have a choice? I pointed out many of the students are answering exactly the question he submitted. This meant I wanted to assign them “good” but he said if they answer the question correctly it isn’t good it is adequate. The tower will never be built.

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