I didn’t realize USB microphones was a thing. Of course the world would morph this way eventually, as tape became less and less used, instead of digitization with its comparably space-less requirements vs. storing reel to reel. The changes I could not have predicted blow me away. Sometimes you can understand the entire history of bipeds that way. Imagine some poor slob from the 16th century, we’ll call him Lorenz, and imagine time traveling and telling Lorenz that there is this invisible thing called electricity and in two hundred more years we’ll be able to harness it and then we’ll make toast with an electric toaster. Lorenz, your descendants will invent toasters and smoothies – can you believe it my friend? Methinks he would burn me at the stake. But that’s how you can see the future, you have to ask yourself, if you went back in time what would be incredible and unimaginable. Some people today think the future is space exploration or mining other planets. It makes sense given the all pervading nature/ history of capitalism/ colonization but the fact that I can imagine it and believe in its possibility, sort of fails my test which could be summed up by asking what theory about the future would leave me as freaked out as Lorenz? I wonder if there are more invisible mechanisms floating and surrounding us that might enable all sorts of otherness. I bet Lorenz would not believe we created parcels of music and sold them to people who consumed them on various playback machines. Would he be more amazed that we invented these mediums to hear music or that we charge money for the privilege? I bet Lorenz wouldn’t know which side to take in a discussion about music streaming.

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