radical vul

Ten years ago I toured fringe festivals with a play about songwriting and lawsuits which was fun and particularly interesting for checking out the world of fringes which I had not known as well as I then gained entry into. The outsiders were the ones I glomed onto quickest, those offering different storytelling like Ian and Lindsay Goodtimes and their electro vaudeville show or Tasha Diamant with her Human Body Project. Hers consisted of coming out nude with a microphone and sitting in a chair waiting to be asked questions. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. After a long initial silence, audience members started to pick up the microphone and ask about her, about the world, about ourselves. She explained her idea stemmed from comprehending the abuse of our behavior towards the environment and to humans, that this act of vulnerability was all she could think of to interfere and press pause on the madness of not stopping to check yourself/ your culture. It was very brilliant, ask a naked person what’s goin’ on. I had a friend in the 80s who told me it would be interesting to attend a concert of musicians improvising who at the same time were naked and having sex. I think he was imagining this might result in orgasmic music but my instincts did not share that view. I think Tasha has great instincts. She now celebrates fifteen years performing radical vulnerability. https://vimeo.com/453767975

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